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No comprimises, no shortcuts, our email campaigns are built from the ground up and tailored for all.

Email Agency Birmingham

We can build fully tested, beautiful emails to send to your clients. Unlike other agencies, we create all our emails from scratch ourselves to provide the most tailored approach for our clients.

No comprimises, no shortcuts, all our emails are built from the ground up and tailored to each individual company’s needs by our email marketing agency team. Whether you are just looking for design or a fully managed solution our team will be able to utilise email to grow your business.


Email Templates

Email marketing is a great way to constantly keep at the forefront of the minds of your subscribers; Whether you have new product launches, special offers or sales or just want to re-engage with your current or potential clients.

Firstly, we will look at your current mailing list, don’t worry, we can help you build this list if you are looking to increase your subscriber base. After understanding your mailing list and where each individual sits within your company’s sales funnel, we will be able to apply our segmentation methods to ensure we are conveying the right messaging to right person. This is the most vital stage in maximising email engagement and revenue generated from email.

Next, our email marketing team will design a range of attractive email templates in keeping with the company style and tone of voice. Most importantly, with a range of calls to action to generate a response from subscribers. All of the email templates we design will be tested across browsers and devices to ensure they display correctly no-matter how they are viewed.

Finally, we will fully test and optimise the emails, looking at how they have performed and how we can improve performance in the future. When is the best time to send them? What layout works best? How can we improve the subject line? Our series of A/B testing will help us answer these questions and many more to maximise the impact of each and every email that is sent out.

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