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Anybody can fire off a few tweets or Instagram posts but will it get you new customers and help your business grow?

Social Media Marketing Agency Birmingham

Our social media agency experts can help create a full social strategy for your business. From day-to-day management of all your platforms to full analytics and reporting we will ensure your pages get the engagement and interaction you are looking for.

Anybody can post a few tweets or Instagram posts but will it get you new customers and help your business grow? Our social media team have been working on social campaigns since the very beginning and know how to use social media to do just that. We have the knowledge to enable your client to find and engage with your company through social. We can work with you on a full organic and paid strategy along with community management. Our design team can create attractive shareable content to meet your goals.


Platform Management

When starting a campaign, firstly, we will audit your platforms or set them up if you don’t have them. We can give you pages a revamp if needed, to make sure visitors always get the right first impression. At this stage it I also import to set objectives for your social pages; Do you need them to provide you with direct enquires and bookings through the platform? Do we want to get users to find a landing page on your site? Do you want to get your brand noticed? Whatever your goals are we’ll put together a plan to achieve them. We will also analyse have a deep-dive into you competitors so we can understand where you are positioned within you industry. What is working for them and what isn’t? knowing how your performing can really give us an advantage when formulating your social strategy.

Our paid social media marketing agency team are able to cut through the market and find the right audience for your posts. Through sophisticated targeting in paid social ads our teams can build a profile of your clients and how to target them most effectively.

As well as a range of paid social strategies we will apply to your campaign there are a range of organic methods our team will use to help grow your business such as outreach with local and industry communities and groups.

We will constantly track the progress of all our social campaigns to find our what’s working best allowing us to continually improve your campaign.

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